Who am I?

My name is Tobias Nilsson, I’m currently working at Sharkmob as a Junior Tools engineer on an unannounced AAA game. I actively work on developing new and existing cross discipline pipelines and workflows to ensure we reach out targets.
This involves both developing in-engine and in-game tools and systems as well as developing external applications and pipelines.

I started developing games around 2012 and have since then gotten more a formal programming education from The Game assembly. On this website you can view the games and projects I have worked on and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own games.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, my details are available in the top right of the site.


Intermediate tools engineer – Full time

September 2023 – Current

Junior tools engineer – Full time

April 2022 – September 2023

Intern tools programmer – Full time

September 2021 – April 2022


C++ Reflection

My specialization during The Game Assembly

Created for game engine use

Automated generation

Project Nano

Final project at The Game Assembly

Online coop with hosted matchmaking service

Squirmin’ Vermin

A game project at The Game Assembly

Improved serialization from Spite Eclipse

A node based visual scripting system

Rendering optimizations and improvements

Spite Eclipse

A game project at The Game Assembly

Automated serialization and type generation

Navmesh generation and pathfinding

Older projects

The Legend Of Hilda

6 week project at The Game Assembly

Kero Kero

8 week project at The Game Assembly

Circus Con Carne

6 week project at The Game Assembly


6 week project at The Game Assembly

Game Jams


48h GGJ 2021

AAA: Assult Of The Airborne Animals

48h Jam 2019

Even older projects

The Library Of Secrets VR

From upper secondary school.

Slime Adventures

From upper secondary school.